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Crowns And Bridges Treatment in Daylesford

If you are looking for a permanent replacement for your missing teeth without any kind of surgical procedures, then crown and bridge treatment is the ideal procedure for you. Springs Family Dental is one of the best multispecialty dental clinics to offer crown and bridge treatment in Daylesford.

What is a dental crown and bridge?

A dental crown is a custom-made cover for your teeth in order to strengthen it after a root canal treatment. A dental bridge is a permanent replacement to your missing teeth. The dental bridge acts as any other bridge by filling up the gap between two existing teeth. The teeth on either side are taken as support for the bridge. The bridge replaces the missing teeth region.

How many types of dentures are there?

A large variety of materials can be used to fabricate a dental crown and bridge. Starting from metals to porcelain to zirconium there are so many materials that can be used for this purpose. At Springs Family dental we generally use a porcelain material to make the crown because it blends best with your other teeth.

What is the procedure to get a crown and bridge done?

A dental crown and bridge require 2 appointments to complete. On the 1st appointment, the supporting teeth are cut, to accommodate the crown. Then the full mouth impression is taken and send to the lab for making the crown and bridge. On the 2nd appointment, the crown and bridge is delivered by cementing it onto the supporting tooth structures by means of dental cement.

How long does it take to get a crown and bridge done?

In general a crown and bridge treatment requires 2 appointments at an interval of around 3-4 days.

How long does a dental crown and bridge last?

A dental crown and bridge can last you a lifetime if you maintain it well. Once you get the crown and bridge delivered, you will be given instructions regarding its maintenance. If you can maintain a proper oral hygiene, your crown and bridge can last you a lifetime and give you all the happiness of having beautiful intact teeth.

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