Missing Tooth Replacement Services in Daylesford Treatment

If you are looking for missing tooth replacement services in Daylesford, then Springs Family Dental is the place for you. We have many treatment options for replacing your missing teeth. We will suggest you the one that will be best suited for you.

Dentures are the most primitive form of replacement for missing teeth and it is still the mostly used one. It is like the 1st line of treatment when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. So, if you want to get a denture treatment in Creswick, visit us at Springs Family Dental. We offer a wide variety of Dentures for our patients.

What is a denture?

A denture is a custom-made acrylic plate on which artificial teeth is embedded. When put inside the mouth, the acrylic plate resembles the gingiva and the artificial teeth will replicate your original teeth.

How many types of dentures are there?

There are basically 2 types of dentures: complete and partial. A complete denture is for patients who do not have any teeth in his mouth, we call them edentulous. Partial dentures are for patients with one or a few missing teeth. We call such patients dentulous patients.

What are the different types of dentures available in Springs Family Dental?

Earlier dentures used to be of hard acrylic material. With the advancements of dentistry, now a variety of other materials are available for fabricating a denture. Some are even elastic. Depending upon the need of the patient and the dental surgeon’s opinion, we provide you the denture that is best suited for you.

How much time does it take to get a denture done? What is the procedure for a denture treatment?

For getting a denture done, you will need to visit us two times. On the 1st appointment, our dental surgeon will evaluate your oral cavity and take the full mouth impression and then send it to the lab where the denture will be fabricated. A denture has to be custom made for every patient so that it can fit perfectly on their gingiva and make it look just like natural teeth and gums. 

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