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Your teeth play an important part in your daily life. It not only helps you to chew and eat your food, but frames your face. Any missing tooth can have a major impact on your quality of life.

Dr Jenny graduated from Griffith University in the sunny Gold Coast, and decided to relocate to Bendigo to join the Bendigo Family Dental Care team. She is a passionate and caring dentist, who strongly believes in providing a gentle and positive experience for her patients.

Dr Ella and her family moved to Bendigo in 2009. It was a welcome move for Ella who completed her senior secondary education in Bendigo and graduated as a Dentist from the local LaTrobe University campus.

Dr Vijay is our very own local best dentist in Deylesford with a passion for instilling a positive experience in his patients. His professional goal is to provide comprehensive dental care for all patients using a gentle approach allowing him to effectively deliver compassionate dental treatment in a positive manner.


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