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If you are looking for a professional teeth cleaning in Castlemaine, then Springs Family Dental is your destination. We are one of the best dental clinics in Daylesford with all the latest equipment and the best dental surgeons on board with us to deliver our patients with the best dental treatment.

Is Teeth Cleaning A Routine Dental Procedure?

Yes, professional teeth cleaning is a routine dental procedure. We advice all our patients to have a professional teeth cleaning at an interval of 6 months to 1 year.

Why is professional teeth cleaning necessary?

When we don’t brush our teeth properly, or after every meal, the food particles tend to stick on the tooth surface. The oral bacteria feeds on them. This in turn cause plaque. Once the plaque accumulates, it leads to formation of stains and calculus. These stains and calculus can not be removed by normal brushing or flossing. A professional teeth cleaning at regular intervals is necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from any kinds of stains or calculus or plaque.

What happens if professional teeth cleaning is not done?

If teeth cleaning by a professional is not done, the stains and calculus tends to harden and enter the gingiva, thus causing gingival inflammation. This condition is known as gingivitis. If still not cleaned, it worsens and forms periodontitis.

What are the signs of gingivitis?

The most important sign of a gingivitis is bleeding from gums and halitosis. If you are having foul smell in your breath or your gums are bleeding while brushing, that means you are suffering from gingivitis and you immediately need a professional teeth cleaning.

Does professional teeth cleaning cause any teeth damage?

No, professional teeth cleaning does not cause any teeth damage. It is done by ultrasonic scalers, specially designed for this purpose. It works by means of vibrations and removes the stains and calculus by breaking them into small pieces. It does not cause any kind of tooth damage.

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