Tooth Extraction

Tooth Removal Treatment

Our dental surgeons and the team are experienced in removing troublesome wisdom teeth of all levels of difficulty. From simple extractions to those that may require minor oral surgery, you will be well cared for during and after your wisdom tooth extraction. In circumstances where specialist treatment is necessary, referral to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is readily available in Daylesford.

In the relaxed environment of our practices and with the high level of care available, patients usually elect to have wisdom teeth removed in the dental surgery, with the option of Sleep Dentistry.

However for whom Sleep Dentistry is not enough, the option exists to have dental treatment provided by an accredited dentist from our practice, in hospital under General Anaesthetic..

The convenience of our on-site OPG X-ray unit means there is no need for referral to a separate radiology centre for wisdom teeth imaging.

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